Atomic and electronic structure of twin growth defects in magnetite

We report the existence of a stable twin defect in Fe3O4 thin films. By using aberration corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy and spectroscopy the atomic structure of the twin boundary has been determined. The boundary is confined to the (111) growth plane and it is non-stoichiometric due to a missing Fe octahedral plane. By first principles calculations we show that the local atomic structural configuration of the twin boundary does not change the nature of the superexchange interactions between the two Fe sublattices across the twin grain boundary.

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Scientific Reports

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Gilks, D.; Nedelkoski, Z.; Lari, L.; Kuerbanjiang, B.; Matsuzaki, K.; Susaki, T.; Kepaptsoglou, D.; Ramasse, Q.; Evans, R.; McKenna, K.; Lazarov, V. K.

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Monday, February 15, 2016
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Technique category