Carbon nanofibers doped with nitrogen for the continuous catalytic ozonation of organic pollutants

Catalytic ozonation using carbon materials, in particular nanocarbons, has been appointed as an interesting alternative for the abatement of recalcitrant emerging organic pollutants. Efforts to achieve more efficient catalysts have been carried out, including carbon doping with heteroatoms. In this study, the effect of nitrogen doping of carbon nanofibers in their catalytic activity for the ozonation of organic pollutants was assessed. For this end, pristine and N-doped carbon nanofibers were prepared, both in powder and in structured forms.

Published in

Chemical Engineering Journal

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Restivo, J.; Garcia-Bordejé, E.; Órfão, J. J. M.; Pereira, M. F. R.

Publication date

Wednesday, June 1, 2016
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Technique category