Crack healing induced electrical and mechanical properties recovery in a Ti2SnC ceramic

Ceramics are able to heal cracks and flaws by triggering local sintering (internal cracks) or oxidation reaction (surface cracks) which may induce the recovery of mechanical strength. Crack healing in ceramics, however, is limited to micro-sized cracks and requires elevated temperatures (above 1000 °C) and long time periods even up to 100 h. In this work we report on accelerated crack healing of a Ti2SnC ceramic which is capable to repair thermal shock induced cracks at a relatively low temperature of 800 °C within only 1 h.

Published in

Journal of the European Ceramic Society

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Li, S.; Bei, G.; Chen, X.; Zhang, L.; Zhou, Y.; Mačković, M.; Spiecker, E.; Greil, P.

Publication date

Thursday, October 1, 2015
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Technique category