Enhanced photocatalytic activity and charge carrier dynamics of hetero-structured organic−inorganic nano-photocatalysts

P3HT-coupled CdS heterostructured nanophotocatalysts have been synthesized by an inexpensive and scalable chemical bath deposition approach followed by drop casting. The presence of amorphous regions corresponding to P3HT in addition to the lattice fringes [(002) and (101)] corresponding to hexagonal CdS in the HRTEM image confirm the coupling of P3HT onto CdS. The shift of π* (C═C) and σ* (C–C) peaks toward lower energy losses and prominent presence of σ* (C–H) in the case of P3HT–CdS observed in electron energy loss spectrum implies the formation of heterostructured P3HT–CdS.

Published in

ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces

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Nanda, K. K.; Swain, S.; Satpati, B.; Besra, L.; Mishra, B.; Chaudhary, Y. S.

Publication date

Monday, March 30, 2015
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Technique category