Formation of nanocrystallized structure in worn surface layer of T10 steel against 20CrMnTi steel during dry rubbing

T10 steel slid against 20CrMnTi steel on a pin-on-discwear test rig.OpticalMicroscope (OM), scanning electron microscope (SEM),

and High Resolution Transmission ElectronMicroscope (HRTEM) methods were used to analyze the microstructures in the worn

surface layers.The microstructures in the worn surface layers of pins and discs were all severely plastically deformed. Furthermore,

the ultrafine and even nanoferrite structure (10nm to 100 nm) was observed when the normal load reached 60N.The mechanism

Published in

Journal of Nanomaterials

Authored by

Wang, X.; Wei, X.; Zhang, J.; Li, R.; Hua, M.; Wang, W.

Publication date

Tuesday, May 19, 2015
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Technique category