Imaging and quantifying the morphology of an organic–inorganic nanoparticle at the sub-nanometre level

The development of hybrid organic–inorganic nanoparticles is of interest for applications such as drug delivery, DNA and protein recognition, and medical diagnostics. However, the characterization of such nanoparticles remains a significant challenge due to the heterogeneous nature of these particles. Here, we report the direct visualization and quantification of the organic and inorganic components of a lipid-coated silica particle that contains a smaller semiconductor quantum dot.

Published in

Nature Nanotechnology

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van Schooneveld, M. M.; Gloter, A.; Stephan, O.; Zagonel, L. F.; Koole, R.; Meijerink, A.; Mulder W. J. M.; de Groot, F. M. F.

Publication date

Monday, April 26, 2010
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Technique category