Tracking lithium transport and electrochemical reactions in nanoparticles

Expectations for the next generation of lithium batteries include greater energy and power densities along with a substantial increase in both calendar and cycle life. Developing new materials to meet these goals requires a better understanding of how electrodes function by tracking physical and chemical changes of active components in a working electrode. Here we develop a new, simple in-situ electrochemical cell for the transmission electron microscope and use it to track lithium transport and conversion in FeF2 nanoparticles by nanoscale imaging, diffraction and spectroscopy.

Published in

Nature Communications

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Wang, F.; Yu, H. C.; Chen, M. H.; Wu, L.; Pereira, N.; Thornton, K.; Van der Ven, A.; Zhu, Y.; Amatucci, G. G.; Graetz, J.

Publication date

Wednesday, October 3, 2012
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Technique category