Atomic-scale quantitative analysis of lattice distortions at interfaces of two-dimensionally Sr-doped La2CuO4 superlattices

Using spherical aberration corrected high-resolution and analytical scanning transmission electron microscopy, we have quantitatively studied the lattice distortion and the redistribution of charges in two-dimensionally strontium (Sr)-doped La2CuO4 superlattices, in which single LaO planes are periodically replaced by SrO planes. As shown previously, such structures show Tc up to 35 K as a consequence of local charge accumulation on both sides of the nominal SrO planes position.

Published in

Applied Materials & Interfaces

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Wang, Y.; Baiutti, F.; Gregori, G.; Cristiani, G.; Salzberger, U.; Logvenov, G.; Maier, J.; van Aken, P. A.

Publication date

Wednesday, February 24, 2016
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Technique category