Fast atomic DualEELS color map across the SrTiO3/SrMnO4 interface


Red: Ti L at 456 eV; green: Sr L at 1940 eV; yellow: La M at 832 eV; blue: Mn L at 640 eV


Probe-corrected Jeol ARM 200 TEM/STEM microscope; S-FEG emission gun; Enfinium™ ER system; ​voltage: 200 kV; STEM mode; EELS low core-loss spectrum (280 – 2280 eV): 4 ms

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Paolo Longo, Ph.D., Gatan, Inc. Sample courtesy of Professor David J. Smith at Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ Microscope courtesy of Professor Ray Carpenter at Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ Acknowledgement to Dr. Toshiro Aoki at Jeol USA (now at ASU) for helping set up microscope for experiment.
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