EFTEM MultiMap

The EFTEM MultiMap Acquisition software allows you to perform multiple EFTEM acquisitions (e.g., zero-loss, elemental maps) from the same region during a single experiment. This allows you to collect any combination of maps and images, but most frequently researchers use this software to obtain a series of elemental maps. One key advantage is that you can acquire the pre- and post-acquisition thickness map to help evaluate the effect of the beam on your sample.EFTEM palette

  1. Select MultiMap in the EFTEM palette under the EFTEM Map technique.

    1. Click on the Add button to open the Setup EFTEM Multi-Mapping dialog

  2. Within the Setup EFTEM Multi-Mapping dialog, use these group boxes to define your experimental parameters.

    EFTEM MultiMap dialog

    1. Map List – Allows you to specify which features to acquire, and in what order

    2. Detector – Defines the individual detector parameters for each acquisition in the MultiMap list

    3. Window settings (eV) – Configures the individual window settings for each acquisition in the MultiMap list

    4. Spectrum display – Generates and displays a simulated spectrum at the top of the dialog to give you visual feedback about the feature shape and the selected acquisition window positions (Display all edges will show potential overlap problems in the list of elements you have selected)

    5. Load/Save Setup List – Saves the EFTEM MultiMap list and all associated parameters as an analytical list profile for future use

      EFTEM MultiMap data
      Multi-mapping of a semiconductor device during a single acquisition.