Unfiltered Image

Unfiltered Image DialogAn unfiltered image contains both elastic and inelastically scattered electrons and is acquired with no energy-selecting slit inserted. When you acquire an unfiltered image, it is useful as an accompaniment with zero-loss imaging.

  1. To acquire an unfiltered image, only specify the camera parameters.

  2. Access to the Configure Unfiltered Image dialog will vary based on the mode you choose.

    1. SingleMap mode – Press the Select Unfiltered button

    2. MultiMap mode – Specify in the MultiMap Configuration dialog

  3. Unfiltered Image DataIndicate parameters within the Acquire Unfiltered Image dialog.

    1. Window Settings – Specify the energy loss (0 eV) and slit width (None) for the filter

    2. Detector – Specify the detector settings you want to use

  4. Click Capture.

Unfiltered image
In contrast to the zero-loss imaging, you will fully retract the slit to create the unfiltered image.