Zero-Loss Image

Configure zero-loss image A zero-loss image is made using only electrons that are present in the ZLP; that is, they have not undergone any inelastic scattering. When you exclude the inelastically scattered electrons, you can improve both the contrast and resolution of an image.

  1. Access to this capability depends on the mode you use.

    1. SingleMap mode – Press the Select ZLP button to open the Configure Zero-Loss Image dialog

    2. MultiMap mode – Specify in the MultiMap Configuration dialog

  2. EFTEM zero-loss peakIndicate parameters within the Acquire Zero-Loss Image dialog.

    1. Window Settings – Specify the energy loss (0 eV) and slit width for the filter (ideally it should be wide enough to just cover the ZLP)

    2. Detector – Specify the detector settings you want to use

  3. Click Capture.

Zero-loss peak
As shown here, you can insert the slit to isolate electrons from the ZLP to create the ZLP image.