DualEELS workflow

Dual range EELS (DualEELS™) is an acquisition mode that allows you to acquire two parts of the electron energy loss spectrum in a fast, sequential manner with independent energy ranges and exposure times. Typically you use this mode to acquire a core-loss spectrum along with the accompanying low-loss spectrum, hence it allows you to perform advanced EELS analyses, such as quantification or plural scattering deconvolution.false

To acquire dual range EELS, select Dual in the EELS palette.

Conceptually, the DualEELS acquisition mode is very similar to the Single Range mode, with the addition of a second exposure time and energy offset.

  • Energy – Specifies the energy loss offset of the low- and high-loss spectra

  • Exposure – Indicates the low-loss and high-loss exposures; the sum of these, plus a very small fixed overhead to accommodate the change in state from high- to low-loss, gives the total frame exposure of the camera

Similar to EELS mode, the View button starts a continuous dual spectrum view during spectrometer set up and specimen evaluation. During DualEELS mode, it will display both the low- and high-loss live spectra. Once you optimize your parameters, select the Acquire button to capture the DualEELS cumulative spectrum.


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