DualEELS Workflow

Dual-range EELS (DualEELS™) is an acquisition mode that allows you to acquire two parts of the electron energy loss spectrum in a fast, sequential manner with independent energy ranges and exposure times. Typically you use this mode to acquire a core-loss spectrum along with the accompanying low-loss spectrum, hence it allows you to perform advanced EELS analyses, such as quantification or plural scattering deconvolution.false

To acquire dual-range EELS, select Dual in the EELS palette.

Conceptually, the DualEELS acquisition mode is very similar to the Single Range mode, with the addition of a second exposure time and energy offset.

  • Energy – Specifies the energy loss offset of the low- and high-loss spectra

  • Exposure – Indicates the low-loss and high-loss exposures; the sum of these, plus a very small fixed overhead to accommodate the change in state from high- to low-loss, gives the total frame exposure of the camera

Similar to EELS mode, the View button starts a continuous dual spectrum view during spectrometer set up and specimen evaluation. During DualEELS mode, it will display both the low- and high-loss live spectra. Once you optimize your parameters, select the Acquire button to capture the DualEELS cumulative spectrum.


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