Electron Spectroscopic Imaging

Electron spectroscopic imaging dialogThe electron spectroscopic imaging (ESI) acquisition routine allows you to acquire a single energy-filtered image from an arbitrary energy range of the electron energy loss spectrum. This is useful for imaging features that show an intensity increase at particular energy losses (e.g., plasmon imaging or contrast tuning).

  1. To acquire an ESI, specify the EFTEM energy loss offset, the energy slit size, and camera parameters.

  2. Access to the Configure ESI Image dialog will vary based on the mode you choose.

    1. SingleMap mode – Press the Select ESI button

    2. MultiMap mode – Specify via the MultiMap Configuration dialog

      1. Electron spectroscopic imaging dataWindow Settings – Specify the energy loss and slit width for the filter; the Use Current button will copy the current spectrometer settings

      2. Detector – Specify the detector settings you want to use

  3. Click Capture.