Elemental Map

The 3-window technique for elemental mapping requires three energy-filtered images; two positioned before the ionization edge (pre-edge images), and one positioned just after the edge.

  1. To acquire an elemental map, specify:

    1. Element of interest

    2. Camera parameters

    3. Slit width and filter energies to be used for the pre- and post-edge acquisitions

  2. Access the Configure Elemental Map dialog will vary based on the mode you choose.Configure Elemental Map dialog

    1. SingleMap mode – Press the Select Elemental Map button

    2. MultiMap mode – Specify via the MultiMap Configuration dialog

  3. Indicate parameters within the Configure Elemental Map dialog.

    1. Window Settings (eV)

      1. Edge – Specify the edge you want to use for ratio mapping

      2. Pre-edge 1 and 2 – Indicate the energy loss setting that the filter will use to acquire the pre-edge image

      3. Post-edge – Designate the energy loss setting that the filter will use to acquire the post-edge image

      4. Slit width – Specify the energy-selecting slit width you want to use for both the pre- and post-edge acquisitions

      5. Setup – Allows you to recall pre-saved or default settings for a particular element

    2. Detector – Specify the detector settings you want to use

    3. Spectrum display – Generates and displays a simulated spectrum at the top of the dialog to give you visual feedback regarding the feature shape and the selected acquisition window positions

  4. Click Capture.

Elemental Map data

The routine will

  • Acquire a post-edge image followed by the two pre-edge images

  • Correct for any spatial drift between the images, if specified

  • Compute and display the elemental map

Elemental Map data