Acquisition flow and feedback

Flow control

  1. Locate the region of interest, and ensure the microscope and filter are correctly aligned

  2. Set up the EFTEM spectrum imaging (SI) acquisition parameters

  3. Click Capture button to start EFTEM SI acquisition

  4. Complete pre-acquisition steps

    1. Align the ZLP

    2. Determine auto-binning value

    3. Set the initial auto-exposure value

  5. Perform EFTEM SI acquisition 

You can monitor how the acquisition is proceeding using the visual feedback features.

Visual feedback

  • Align ZLPZero Loss Peak Alignment – Invokes the EFTEM zero-loss alignment routine at the start of the acquisition

  • EFTEM SI Spectrum Image display – Displays two images during data acquisition; left-most image is the EFTEM spectrum image, while the right-most image is the last acquired image

EFTEM SI spectrum imaging display

  • Live Spectra – Extracts a live electron energy loss spectrum from a desired region of the EFTEM SI being acquired
    • Place a spectrum picker region of interest (ROI) to the EFTEM SI – Right click on the EFTEM SI data and select the Spectrum Picker tool
    • Move the added ROI to desired area of the spectrum image
    • A live spectrum will then be displayed and will update as the acquisition proceeds

EFTEM SI live spectra